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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dear friends, We most sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Памяти Джини Бентл
Ушла из жизни Джини Бентл, супруга и помощница основателя «Дома надежды на Горе», светлый, великодушный, прекрасный человек

This is the new version of site, it will be finished soon
This is the new version of site, it will be finished soon


Charitable concert


Wellcome to the House of Hope on the Hill!

Dear friend,
You have crossed the virtual threshold of the “House of Hope on the Hill”, the only charity centre for treating alcoholism in Russia.
Whatever has led you to us, you will find everything you need in our House.
Browsing the pages of our website, you will read the history of our Centre, learn how we established this marvelous House where people from all parts of Russia and even from abroad come for help.
You will learn about the treatment programme we offer to our patients and members of their families. You will know what is necessary to be admitted for rehabilitation. Success stories of our ex-patients and our guestbook will support you at the moment of making your decision and help you to understand that there is a way out.
If you want to help those who need it and you are looking for a reliable social partner, pages “Our Friends” and “How to Help Us” will tell you that the main treating principle of our Centre is the principle of charity, which was not violated even in the hardest times of the House, and you will learn what it means for our patients, for their families and for you.
We hope that when you visit our virtual House, you will be surprised to see that the hopelessness and horror of alcoholism can be changed into dignified life and sober future.


You can help!

Вы переступили виртуальный порог «Дома надежды на Горе» - единственного в стране благотворительного Центра по лечению алкоголизма.Что бы Вас ни привело к нам, в нашем Доме Вы найдете самое необходимое. Листая страницы сайта, Вы узнаете историю Центра, как создавался этот удивительный Дом, куда



Вы можете спасти жизнь!

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